Nanofiber Tech., Inc. was established in 2002. We produce and sell eco friendly products, like PLA paper cups and other biodegradable food packaging including bagasse/suagar cane products, PLA clear cups, etc. We are the supplier for leading supplier of PLA eco-friendly products in USA and Europe. Our eco friendly PLA paper products have been certified by DIN Certco, BPI, OK Compost, and FDA. Our eco friendly PLA paper products are coated by pure PLA without any additives.

In the beginning - in 2002, we at Nanofiber looked at the way people were living their lives day to day, and we realized that many people depended on disposable paper products for packaging their food and many other simple daily tasks. With our realization came the desire to fully understand how much people truly depend on disposable products and what effect these disposable products have on the environment.

We also knew that if Nanofiber was to become an integral player in changing the world of disposable goods we would have to differentiate ourselves in some way. We knew that the only way to truly do that was to solve the problem of ever-increasing amount of waste in our environment.

Our solution to this problem lies in eco friendly paper products and other environmental friendly products like bagasse/sugarcane products.