Introduction of PLA Biodegradable ECO Products, Biodegradable As 100% Pure PLA Coated

Why Should We Use Biodegradable Products?

Today, plastic is not the best material to use for any mass produced product because it is definitely not biodegradable. Paper products coated with PE/PET are friendlier to our environment than plastic. However, polymers that coat these paper products are still not as biodegradable as 100% pure PLA coated eco friendly paper products.

Ingeo PLA resins are made from natural corns and 100% pure Ingeo PLA paper eco products are easily consumed by naturally occurring microbes which help decompose the paper eco products to carbon monoxide and water - something that cannot be said for plastic or PE/PET coated products. As well as being biodegradable, PLA coated paper eco products can be repulped and made into basic raw materials likes tissue or kraft paper. PLA paper products are recyclable and re-usable.

Originally, 100% pure PLA coated paper eco products were perceived to be more expensive than traditional PE/PET coated products. However, because PE/PET resin is petroleum based, mounting oil prices have lead to a tremendous increase in price of PE/PET coated paper products. Thus, 100% pure PLA eco friendly paper products are similarly priced to traditional PE/PET products and are also completely biodegradable.